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Digital Photography School is a site dedicated to helping photographers of all levels get the most out of their cameras. Part of the way we do this is to produce quality ebooks and Training Resources for Readers.

Living Landscapes

Look through your photo archive and you’re likely to see lots of photos of two things — people and landscapes. But what is it about Landscape Photography we...

Photo Magic

You Don’t Have to be a Pro to Take Spectacular Special Effects Images As a photographer chances are you’ve tried your hand at a few...

Portraits: Making the Shot

Say Goodbye to Dull and Lifeless Pictures of People. Learn how to take Portraits with SOUL... Whether it’s taking pictures of our friends, kids, partners...

Photo Nuts and Post

Transform Your Photos with the Power of Post Processing You press the shutter, a moment in the universe is captured, and an image is created...

Transcending Travel

Taking a Trip? You’ve Got One Chance To Get Your Pictures Right… The dream – going on a trip with dreams of capturing the magical...

Captivating Color

A Picture is Worth Thousand Words, Color can Turn Them into a Real Story The dream -– taking photo’s that evoke emotion, making people feel...

The Art of Self Portraiture

What Limits you as a Photographer? Equipment? Time? You? For centuries, artists have used self-portraiture as the key to unlock their full creative potential. Now,...

Going Pro

NEW ‘Recipe for Success’ actionable 4-part guide – recently added! If you dream about making money through your passion... This is your chance to make...

Click! [kids photography]

You Don’t need a Fancy Camera or Artistic Flair to take Beautiful Photos of your Kids Imagine if you could take beautiful photos of your...

Natural Light

After the Camera, Your most Powerful Photographic Tool is Light Are you making the most of it to create beautiful images? In Natural Light, pro...

Portraits Lighting The Shot

Get ready to take your pictures of people to a whole new level! When it comes to shooting stunning portraits, lighting can be the X...

Photo Nuts and Gear

A small investment that will save you a fortune on your camera and gear. Every photographer: amateur, enthusiast or pro will ponder ... What gear should...

Portraits: Striking The Pose

Discover more about Portraits: Striking The Pose Posing is something that can make or break a portrait. Do it badly and your subject looks awkward...

67 Portrait Poses (Printable)

These portrait posing guides are VERY handy to have with you on a shoot. They include 67 poses broken down into 7 different sets. Inspired...

14 Amazing Portrait Recipes

Just like traditional cooking recipes, these recipes give photographers the ingredients they need to take a great portrait. Each of the 14 recipes cover the...

Loving Landscapes

Stop taking scenery snaps and start creating breathtaking works of landscape photography art that people will fall in love with. If you've ever been frustrated...

Kids Posing Guide

It's like having a pro-photographer by your side for every photo. Created by Rachel Devine, these 5 kids posing guides include a tutorial, printable posing...

Black And White Photography

Some of the most profound stories in history have been told with black and white photos. Isn't it time you started creating some of your own?...

Portraits: After The Shot

Transform your dull and lifeless pictures of people into simply stunning portraits. If you’ve ever been disappointed that the portraits you shoot don’t portray the true character...

Life in Natural Light

As a photographer, the most powerful tool you have is natural light It may be free for the taking – but are you making the...

Fast FLASH For Portrait Perfection

Who said flash portraits had to be complicated? With our brand new ebook, Fast FLASH, they don't have to be! Talented and world-renowned photographer, Gina Milicia, has been using...

Photo Nuts and Bolts

73% of digital camera owners wish they had more control over their camera These results from a recent poll of readers highlight a challenge that...

Photo Nuts and Shots

You can use a camera … but do you take great photos? The dream – taking photographs that your friends think you paid someone for,...

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