Photo Nuts and Bolts Course

Put down your user manual, say goodbye to ‘Auto’ mode and learn firsthand how to use your camera to its full potential.

Know your camera, take incredible photos

  • Gain the confidence you need to get out of ‘Auto’ mode
  • Understand how your camera really works, without needing to be a rocket scientist
  • Use your newfound skills to take stunning photos you won’t believe you (or your camera) were capable of taking

Neil Creek’s teaching has helped tens of thousands of photographers around the world through his Photo Nuts ebooks. Now, this photographic life-changing title is available as a streamable and downloadable video course!

Comprehensive, practical, and created specifically to help you to get to know your camera in a new and more meaningful way.

Because when you know what’s possible, incredible photos are closer than you may think!

Creative control in 10 easy-to-understand lessons

In 10 video lessons, you’ll discover the key photography concepts that will put you in creative control of your camera – increasing your technical confidence and helping you take amazing photos that stand out from the crowd.

Visual demonstrations make the lessons engaging and fun, and the downloadable course notes, exercises and resources provide a great reference – so what you learn sticks.

And because this is an online course, you can go through at your own pace and repeat any module as many times as you like.


Modules in this course

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  • 1 Introduction
  • Welcome to the Photo Nuts and Bolts video course! This brief module will introduce you to Neil Creek and what you'll need to complete the course.

  • 2 Light and the Camera Obscura
  • The basic fundamentals of light are discussed and demonstrated, with Neil building the simplest possible camera - the camera obscura.

  • 3 Lenses and Focus
  • Taking the next step beyond simply directing light, lenses create a focused image. This module explains how they work and bring light into focus, as well as explaining the f-ratio.

  • 4 Lenses Light and Magnification
  • Further investigation into the functioning of lenses - how they magnify, the use of macro lenses, the relationship between focal length and field of view and the effect of sensor size on magnification.

  • 5 Exposure and Stops
  • In this module, the key concept of the varying brightness of light and how it is measured is discussed, including real-world examples of the dramatic differences in light levels you can expect when shooting. Following is an introduction to the exposure triangle - the key concept upon which all exposure control is built.

  • 6 Aperture
  • Neil discusses and demonstrates the first point on the exposure triangle - how it is controlled and the creative effect is has on your photos, including an introduction to depth of field.

  • 7 Shutter
  • A metaphorical look inside the camera and how the shutter works, the affect this has on your photos and a practical demonstration of controlling your shutter speed for creative effect.

  • 8 ISO
  • Simultaneously the most complex point on the exposure triangle and the simplest to consider when choosing your exposure setting. Neil gives both a short and in-depth explanation of ISO and how it affects your photos.

  • 9 Metering and Exposure
  • The tool which controls the three exposure settings, the exposure meter, is both a helpful assistant and a frustrating obstacle. In this module, Neil explains metering modes and how to go beyond them with exposure compensation.

  • 10 Putting it all together
  • Congratulations on reaching module ten! Now you should be much more confident in knowing the potential of your camera. In this final module, we'll look at a case study and see how all the techniques you've learned in this course come together to create great photos in a real world photo shoot demonstration.

This video course is for you if…

  • You’re new to photography and/or using a DSLR camera
  • You want to move past the point and shoot approach and get out of ‘Auto’ mode
  • You’d like to understand the fundamentals of how your camera works and start using it to its full potential
  • You’re looking to get more technical and increase the creative control you have over your camera
  • You learn best by visually observing and doing, not reading a manual

And most importantly… you want to take better photos than you’ve ever taken before!

What people are saying about this course

I picked up a copy first thing this morning and have been glued to my computer ever since. Neil's explanations are great on things I'd never fully understood before. I can't wait to get out this weekend and start shooting!

Belle Chapman (blog comment)

Great course. I'm loving Neil's explanations so far. While I've read many books on the exposure triangle, I feel like this has helped it to finally click for me.

Graham Mac (blog comment)

I have just completed watching all the Photo Nuts and Bolts videos... You have certainly completed a wonderful product for understanding an SLR camera in manual mode. Thank you so much!!

Pat Grantham (via Facebook)

The content you are providing is very informative and entertaining in manner. I grade Neil with 5 stars.

Sagi Venkata (via email)

I think Neil, the training and the videos were excellent. Great product... Thanks!

Dewey Gripshover (via email)

Being a long-time fan of Neil’s work, this is yet another fantastic job by him. Welcoming, clear and well presented, this course makes the basics of photography easy to understand for any level of photographer!

Kat (via email)

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About the Presenter: Neil Creek

Neil Creek

Neil Creek is a professional photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Digital photography has been his passion for over 10 years, combined with an enthusiasm for learning and teaching.

As well as being a staff writer for dPS and sharing his experiences on his blog, Neil has authored five ebooks and two video training courses - all designed to share his expertise and help others with their photography.

You can view Neil's folio on his website and check out his educational resources here.

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