What Previous Students Say about 31 Days to Becoming a Better Photographer


I had previously done a 'getting to know your camera' course prior to enrolling in this course.

After seeing some of the comments from people on the face book page at the start of the course I was concerned that I would be out of my depth.

I started the course, with my camera beside me and as Jim mentioned settings I checked what I had and adjusted my camera accordingly.

I found the lessons REALLY INFORMATIVE and very easy to understand. I made notes along the way. Due to time constraints I did not manage to get all of the assignments done, but did do all of the videos.

I am now practicing what I have learned and will be re-doing the videos to ensure there is nothing I have missed. There are so many things that my camera could do that I never knew about before. The feedback on the face book page was amazing also.

It took me longer to do the course than the 31 days, but that was due to my work commitments.

I thoroughly recommend this course (and have done so to others personally) and I am now looking at the night photography course in the near future.

Sharon Anderson - Australia

I thoroughly enjoyed doing this course. Jim's way of teaching is clear and so easy to understand. I have done a number of online courses & found a lot of the information goes over my head. Each of the topics were beneficial and flowed in a logical way that allows you to develop your knowledge on the journey. The project at the end of each topic was a great way to test out what I had just learned and improved both my technique and confidence at the same time.

Kylie Tipping - Australia

As someone who has been 'snapping' for a long time, with some pleasing results, I found a need to understand why some images worked better than others. I had previously felt that the technical aspects of photography were 'too hard' for me, but I liked the sound of this self-paced course and dived in. The support and encouragement along the way was extremely helpful. I now have a new camera and lenses, shoot only in manual and am a much more conscious image maker. If only it had cured my camera shyness! I thoroughly recommend this course.

Judi Jagger - Australia

I took the course during the first round and it was amazingly helpful!! In fact I still refer back to the videos from time to time for a personal refresher! Sign up you won't regret it!

Dave Mccorquodale

My photography has really improved and I would really recommend this course. You can watch the videos over and over again then when putting it into practice and it does not work,as you thought it should, you can ask Jim on the special Facebook Group page and he always answers. Great also to have the comments from others doing the course.

Jennifer Butt - Australia

I had done other photography courses but was unable to grasp it. Jim Hamel takes you through it step by step & you don't have to take the next step until your ready. Made learning so much easier. Thanks Jim & DPS 🙂

Wendy Martin - Australia

I have taken other on-line courses and found them not to as comprehensive as 31 Days to Becoming a Better Photographer. Since I took this course may photography has reach a whole new level. I am more confident in my camera settings; I have learned how to look and analyze the scene before I take the shot and not to be afraid to experiment. The concept of doing a daily photo after each lessons helps to put into practice what you have just learned. Jim Hamel is a wonderful instructor and I like that he is available for questions and answers back quickly. I have recommended this course to others that are just beginning. I also love the Facebook Group. It is such a supportive place for not just beginners but for photographers of all levels as we can always learn from each other.

Bett Cox - Canada

I wasn't sure at first that I could keep up with a weekly course, but the lessons are sort and focused. It's easy to replay them if you miss a point. Sharing your photos with other people who are doing the same task is very helpful. The Facebook page was useful for asking questions, getting feedback, and sharing photos. Jim Hamel was very fast in his replies and comments. I would recommend this course to a beginner or intermediate level photographer.

Judy Haran - USA