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  • The secret for creating landscapes that "pop"
  • Save time post-processing
  • Bonus Landscapes Toolkit included
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What do we cover in this Preset?

6 high quality preset collections

  • Spring / Summer collection
  • Fantastic Fall
  • Wonderous Winter
  • Stunning Black & Whites
  • Creative Horizons
  • Mono Toned
  • Bonus Tool Box

Photo editing result with a single click

With our 101 Landscape Lightroom presets — you’ll make adding that additional pop to your landscape images a breeze. Photographers experienced with pre-set controls know they won’t see their desired results unless they use a type specifically tailored for the shoots they undertake. That’s why professional landscape photographer Sarah Sisson has developed an editing system dedicated to the task of landscape photography. These 101 Landscape Lightroom presets give you countless image-enhancing options to make your pictures say exactly what you want them to. Ideal for professionals and amateur enthusiasts alike, they deliver professional results on every front.

With our mega pack of 101 Landscape Lightroom presets, enhancing your landscape shots is a breeze.

In this massive presets back you’ll get:

  • 6 high quality preset collections
  • Save time getting your landscapes looking just right
  • Streamline your workflow
  • Use the presets the professionals use to create stunning images
  • Give your photos an instant “pop”’
  • BONUS Tool Box: 29 presets designed to be stackable for making simple adjustments.

Landscapes that Pop

The dPS 101 Landscape Lightroom presets can help you achieve the potential from your landscape images more fully by accentuating the mood and tonal qualities of each season, lighting and weather conditions. With over 100 preset options, you can quickly gain results that make your photos truly pop and convey the strongest visual messages. Programmed for summer, autumn, winter, and spring, the pre-calibrated optimisations allow you to enhance your landscapes according to seasonal characteristics.

If black and white is your thing, other presets enrich tonal values and increase the dynamic range to give your greyscale images a truly immersive effect. The same goes for monochrome pictures of any colour. Instead of the flat look that typically arises from applying a monochrome filter, the 101 Landscape Lightroom presets can have your image leap out at you or draw you deeper into the picture. Most landscape photos benefit from an abundance of detail across the tonal range of the image, yet with deep shadows and blown-out highlights in many outdoor situations, this can be near impossible to achieve under normal shooting conditions. This is where the high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities of your camera become invaluable, but even if you don’t have this capacity, you can achieve comparable results in an instant by using the 101 pre-set bundle.

Take a look…

Preset Examples

Summer / Spring

  • Before-Burst
  • Before-Blissful Blue Skies
    After-Blissful Blue Skies
    BeforeBlissful Blue SkiesAfter
  • Before-Sweet Summer Days
    After-Sweet Summer Days
    BeforeSweet Summer DaysAfter
  • Before-Boho Dream
    After-Boho Dream
    BeforeBoho DreamAfter


  • Before-Autumn Splendour
    After-Autumn Splendour
    BeforeAutumn SplendourAfter
  • Before-Bright Warm Day
    After-Bright Warm Day
    BeforeBright Warm DayAfter
  • Before-Glorious Autumn Day
    After-Glorious Autumn Day
    BeforeGlorious Autumn DayAfter


  • Before-Crisp Winter
    After-Crisp Winter
    BeforeCrisp WinterAfter
  • Before-Crystalline
  • Before-Wild Winter
    After-Wild Winter
    BeforeWild WinterAfter
  • Before-Winter Warmer
    After-Winter Warmer
    BeforeWinter WarmerAfter

Black and White

  • Before-Majesty
  • Before-Matt Canvas
    After-Matt Canvas
    BeforeMatt CanvasAfter
  • Before-Definition
  • Before-Sentinel


  • Before-Big Color Love
    After-Big Color Love
    BeforeBig Color LoveAfter
  • Before-Flashy

Mono Tones

  • Before-Aged
  • Before-Antique

Bonus Toolbox!

  • Before-Example 1
    After-Example 1
    BeforeExample 1After
  • Before-Example 2
    After-Example 2
    BeforeExample 2After
What do we cover in this eBook?

6 high quality preset collections

  • Spring / Summer collection
  • Fantastic Fall
  • Wonderous Winter
  • Stunning Black & Whites
  • Creative Horizons
  • Mono Toned
  • Bonus Tool Box

Sarah SissionAbout the creator, Sarah Sisson

Sarah Sisson has been a full-time professional landscape photographer for over 10 years, in her home country of New Zealand. Sarah’s fine art prints have been purchased by clients in over 40 countries via her website She is the co-author of top-selling dPS ebooks including Loving Landscapes – a guide to Landscape Photography Post-Processing and Workflow, and Living Landscapes – which teaches you how to take captivating photos of the world around you. She is also the owner of which has a specialty in landscape lightroom presets.


  • What version of Lightroom do I need? All 101 presets in this pack work flawlessly with Lightroom 5 & 6, or Lightroom CC. Most (but not quite all) will work with version 4.
  • Will these presets work on JPEG files, too? Yes! These presets work amazingly well on both JPEG and RAW images.
  • What software do I need to use these presets? The presets in this pack import directly into Adobe Lightroom, the premier photo-editing software used by photographers. Lightroom is available for trial or purchase through Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography Package (along with Photoshop). It’s a must-have tool for photographers and required to use these presets.
  • Do you have these for Photoshop? No, these presets are only for Lightroom.
  • How do I import the presets? It’s simple. A document detailing the steps to do this is included in the pack.
  • Have a question or needing help? Feel free to get in touch with our friendly support team. Just be sure to include the name of the product you’re inquiring about and your receipt details if you’ve made a purchase.
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