Course Email Subscriptions

Once you've purchased a course you can download everything and do it at whatever pace you wish. However, if you'd like to receive some email prompts directing you to the materials and assignments on Jim's recommended 31-day schedule, then subscribe below. 

If you've unsubscribed from receiving the emails, you can re-subscribe at any time below.

Email delivery of 31 Days to Get Off Auto

Learn how to set up your camera to reach its full potential, take control of the exposure process (metering, ISO and shutter speed), then nail focus and lighting to make your images tack sharp.

Email delivery of 31 Days to Better Composition

Learn how to find the best locations and light. Understand the rules of composition to lead the viewer's eye and add balance to your photos. Then bring it all together so you can capture the decisive moment.

Email delivery of 31 Days to Better Post-Processing

Control the light and make adjustments to contrast, highlight and shadow. Learn how to enhance your color and also to work in black and white. Eliminate distractions and 'digital noise' to make your images sharper.