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    Instructed by Professional Landscape Photographer, Johny Spencer

You have one chance to get the shot ...

Landscape photography is one of the most challenging genres and disciplines to learn, and the costs of getting it wrong can be disappointing, especially if you only get one chance to visit a location.

You will rarely be in the perfect spot, with the perfect conditions and the perfect selection of gear - but this course will help you learn how to get the most perfect shot you can by ‘stealing’ our instructor’s ‘tricks of the trade’ learned taking photos for the National Park Service of Australia.

Taking reflections landscape photography

Learn from the guy with one of the best jobs in the world

Our instructor's day to day "job" (if you'd call it that), has him out taking shots of the beautiful Australian wilderness for The National Park Service. He has shot and edited tens of thousands of landscape and nature images. 

That’s why we invited Johny Spencer to create this course with us, to help address the key concern we hear from our readers about landscape photography - not getting the shot. Johny is paid to get the perfect shot every time in his job. He has learned every trick under the Australian sun to make sure he gets great results, and he’s passed this on so you can do the same.

In this course you'll take a 4 hour video journey with Johny from the studio to the great Aussie outdoors, where he'll teach you everything you need to know to shoot and edit landscapes and nature like a pro.

What to Expect . . .

Every landscape course is going to teach you about planning, gear selection, composition and lighting - at least we hope so - but this one does that and more. We've created a course that will leave you feeling inspired, entertained and confident in what you learned.


Why do a boring landscapes course when you can travel through the great outdoors of Australia with a character like Johny? The scenery is stunning and Johny’s fun and relaxed approach means no boring tutorials that you skip through on double speed.


Practical Lessons


Kick off your photography adventure with 9 practical lessons that will help you get set up and get the best out of your camera in the field. Everything from research and planning, through to the equipment, shooting modes, camera settings and focus functions you'll use to capture landscapes and nature.


Long Exposure
Macro Focus Stacking
Sand Dunes
Seascape HDR


Now you're ready to go on a virtual journey with Johny! Experience an over the shoulder lesson as you both venture into the Australian outdoors. There are 10 fieldwork case studies - each covering a different kind of shot, covering scenes like waterfalls, seascapes and forests, to techniques such as long exposure, macro focus stacking and reflections. 


Back in the Studio


After each field lesson you'll get to head back to the studio with Johny and watch over his shoulder as he walks you through his exact Lightroom post-processing workflow. The RAW files are provided with each lesson so you can practice his exact steps.

Unrestricted Access to Course Modules

One of the launch bonuses gives you two months free access to Johny's online community, so make sure you take advantage of that. However, you can take as long as you like to digest the materials in the course.

Unrestricted access to over 4 hours of course modules.

Download all the videos.

se the presets the professionals use to create stunning images

Access Johny's RAW files and practice his Lightroom techniques.

Landscape & Nature Modules

About the Author...

Johny Spencer is a professional landscape and wilderness photographer working for The National Park Service in Australia. He's passionate about sharing his photography knowledge and skills with others so that they can experience the same feelings and inspiration he does every time they press the shutter. 

Learn How to Take Landscape & Nature Photographs Like a Pro

only $99USD

What you'll learn in this course...

Module 1 - Welcome to The Complete Landscape & Nature Photography Course

Module 2 - Researching & Planning

Module 3 - Light

Module 4 - Composition

Module 5 - Equipment

Module 6 - Using Filters

Module 7 - Exposure

Module 8 - Shooting Modes

Module 9 - Camera Settings

Module 10 - Tack Sharp Focus

Module 11 - In the Field - Capturing Details

Module 12 - Capturing Details Post Processing

Module 13 - In the Field - Forest Composition

Module 14 - Forest Composition - Post Processing

Module 15 - In the Field - Long Exposure

Module 16 - Long Exposure + Black and White - Post Processing

Module 17 - In the Field - Macro Focus Stacking

Module 18 - Macro Focus Stacking - Post Processing

Module 19 - In the Field - Panoramas

Module 20 - Panoramas - Post Processing

Module 21 - In the Field - Reflections and the Human Element

Module 22 - Reflections - Post Processing

Module 23 - In the Field - Sand Dunes

Module 24 - Sand Dunes - Post Processing

Module 25 - In the Field - Seascapes & HDR

Module 26 - Seascapes & HDR - Post Processing

Module 27 - In the Field - Photographing Wildlife

Module 28 - Wildlife - Post Processing

Module 29 - In the Field - Waterfalls

Module 30 - Waterfalls - Post Processing

What people say about Johny's Courses...

I am enjoying the Landscape course with Johny immensely. He is fun and energetic! I like being able to view on my own schedule. I have only completed the first 5 sessions but truly am looking forward to continuing. Thank you!

Carol S.


Exactly what I was looking for. Johny has a unique Aussie way about him and his enthusiasm comes through. Easy to follow and I can take all the information in during my own time. Good length individual segments.My equipment and photographic knowledge is vastly improved now I’m ready to get out there and try with confidence. A very worthwhile investment.

Bill V.


...I am fascinated watching John’s enthusiasm and optimism when he is hands on working...



So far I think it is great well worth the money just need to find more hours a day to take it in and enjoy.



Johny's approach is fresh & pitched at newbies and serious photographers, keep up the great work. 



I like your enthusiastic style and your knowledge of photography. I learn something from every session and that is valuable! ​



I enjoy your videos, easy to understand and follow. ​



Thank you for your contribution to my photography journey, just keep up the good work. 



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