Get Started with Adobe Lightroom

Always wanted to get into Lightroom but never know where to start? Never been quite sure about Lightroom’s workflow and how to use it’s powerful image processing tools to make your image pop?

Then our free 57 page Ultimate Guide to Getting Started in Lightroom, is for you.

Like many photography and graphics applications, Lightroom can be overwhelming, but once you know the basics, it becomes a powerful workflow application to help you get the best out of your photos.

In fact, the Lightroom articles posted here on dPS are some of the most popular, hence why we decided to create this huge free guide to step our readers through the basics of Lightroom.

Our 57 page, step by step illustrated PDF guide will walk you through the basics of Lightroom so you can start using this powerful photo processing tool.

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started in Lightroom for Beginners

Lightroom can be used for printing photos as well as processing and organizing them. It’s the complete workflow tool.

What You’ll Learn in this Free Guide

  1. What is Lightroom: why is it one of the most popular photo processing applications.
  2. The Lightroom Catalogue: How lightroom catalogues photos.
  3. Lightroom Modules: Learn about the 7 different models.
  4. How to organize your photos in Lightroom: The different types of Collections.
  5. The Develop Module: Where all the magic happens to make your photos pop.
  6. The Other Lightroom Modules & Conclusions: More Lightroom learning resources.

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