The Step by Step Guide to Processing Portraits

Would you like to create absolutely beautiful edits of people and portraits in seconds instead of hours?

This brand new online video course from professional photographer Mike Newton will teach you all the Lightroom secrets the pro’s use to retouch portraits and turn average shots into stunning creations.

Editing photos of people and portraits is very different from editing other types of images. It can be tricky, but if you know the right tips and techniques you can turn average images into magazine-cover worthy shots.

The tools and techniques you’ll learn will help you transform your portraits, here are just a few examples:

  • Before-Custom Vignette
    After-Custom Vignette
    BeforeCustom VignetteAfter


  • Before-Balancing & Exposure
    After-Balancing & Exposure
    BeforeBalancing & ExposureAfter


  • Before-Adjusting Eyes
    After-Adjusting Eyes
    BeforeAdjusting EyesAfter


  • Before-Kids Portraits
    After-Kids Portraits
    BeforeKids PortraitsAfter


  • Before-Skin Editing
    After-Skin Editing
    BeforeSkin EditingAfter

In this course you’ll learn how to use:

  • The adjustment brush
  • Radial filter
  • Cloning and healing brushes
  • Mike’s very own Lightroom editing workflow for editing portraits
  • Eyes and lip editing techniques
  • Teeth whitening tips
  • Skin editing techniques including blemish removal

You’ll also be able to virtually look over Mike’s shoulder as he walks you through top-to-bottom edits, showing you the exact techniques he and other pro’s use to take an image from good to great.

Contains over 3 hours of video training including 33 different modules you can tailor your own learning experience and go at your own pace.

You’ll have instant lifetime access to all the training modules as well as the ability to download the videos so you can consume the content however and whenever you like.