Learn the Basics of digital SLR Photography

New to digital photography?

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Photography can be a fun and rewarding thing to learn, but where do you start? How should you set up your camera, what skills should you work on first, how should you be processing your photographs?

This in-depth guide for photography beginners aims to answer those questions and help you create a foundation for success as you pick up this exciting new hobby of photography.

Our 51 page, step by step illustrated guide will walk you through the basics of digital SLR photography.

What You’ll Learn in this Free Guide

  1. Setting up Your First Camera
    • Image quality
    • File naming
    • Time & date
    • Metadata
  2. Understanding How Your Camera Works
  3. Your First Skills as a Photographer
    • Technical Skills
    • The Exposure Triangle
    • Aperture
    • Shutter Speed
    • ISO
  4. Putting it Together
    • White Balance
    • Learning How to Focus
    • Focus Points
    • The Shutter Speed Rule
    • Proper Tripod Use
    • Use a High ISO When Necessary
    • Artistic skills
    • Composition
  5. Post-Processing Photographs
  6. What Makes a Great Photograph
  7. More Learning Resources

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