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The Final Intake of this 
Best-Selling Photography Course

This is the last time we're offering all 31 modules as a single course with instructor support.

31 Practical Lessons to 
Get You Out of Auto Mode

It’s hard to find the time, motivation and guidance.

That’s why we asked professional photography instructor, Jim Hamel to create “31 Days to Becoming a Better Photographer”.

Finally, a practical photography course for beginners to take you from zero to photography hero in 31 days… plus direct access to the instructor via an exclusive Facebook Group.

We all want to take stunning photos like you see in galleries or magazines and other places. But the question is: how do you get there? How do you learn the skills and master the techniques to take amazing photos?

Learn to take stunning pictures like these…

PLUS you’ll have 3 months access to a closed Facebook Group so you can ask Jim anything you need to help you progress through the training and participate in assignments so you put your learning into practice.

Jim has recorded 31 practical lessons in video format, that you can watch online, whenever suits you.

You can binge watch all 31 lessons, or take it a day at a time, it’s totally up to you and how fast or slow you want to go as you receive lifetime access to the photography training videos.

In This Course You Will Learn...





Camera Techniniques


Would recommend this course to everyone. It’s been great that you have Jim’s videos for ever and can go back and refer to them at any time. Jim replies to any questions very promptly and has now started putting further more advanced photography videos on You Tube.

Jennifer Butt , Australia

Jim Hamel is an excellent teacher of the course. He is very hands on and will critique your photos, helping to make me a better photographer. Jim provides detailed packets on each days course. I continue to refer to these cheat sheets to capture better pictures every day I go out to shoot. I have seen a marked improvement in my photography & even have received many new followers on Instagram as well as added comments from my friends on FB. This course is great for beginners as well as those that may require a brush up. As I mentioned before, Jim taught the lesson well. Have signed up for additional classes with him. Thanks for the great learning experience.

Bob Truran , USA

The course took me from only shooting in auto to fully using manual. Jim's lessons are clear and easy to understand. His guideance is invaluable. Thank you, Jim! .

Judy kroll , Usa

When I began the course, I was a novice photographer who used Auto mode for all my images. I occasionally tried Aperture Priority, but I was totally intimidated by Manual. A year later, thanks to this course, I completely use and understand how to use Manual, but more importantly, I understand several techniques for composing an effective image. Thanks to Jim's excellent teaching style, and the effective resources that he provides, I now feel like a competent photographer. I have actually won several competitions, was asked to display an image in a local photography gallery and have been asked to show 8 images in an upcoming gallery show. A year ago, I never would have believed that I could do all of this. The pace of Jim's course, his calm teaching style, the practice assignments, and the regular feedback provided by Jim make this the most effective photography course I have ever taken.

Marie Costanza , United States
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This Course is Interactive...

We break this course up into 31 high quality video tutorials that keeps everything nice and simple. And at the end of each one you’ll have an assignment.

This is something designed to put this course to work for you in your photography so you can master these techniques one step at a time and you’ll actually be having fun creating something, rather than staring at a computer screen all day.

Practising the techniques you learn by taking your own photos along the way

Interact with other people who are also going through the course via the exclusive Facebook Group 

se the presets the professionals use to create stunning images

Share your progress

Ask Jim questions you have about any of the lessons.

Interactive Photography Course

Enjoy Learning New Techniques...

Mastering depth of field

Proper Light Metering

se the presets the professionals use to create stunning images

Shutter Speed for Motion Blur

Mastering Flash Photography

More than just videos . . .

Your instructor has created a 'packet' of written information to supplement the video for each day of the course - 293 pages in total!

Includes the details of the 31 assignments to help you really consolidate what you have learned.

BONUS: Printable Cards for Each Day

31 Days of Printable Photography Cards

Key learnings from each day of the course are condensed into one-page printable cards.

Take the tips into the field with you, either printed out or on your device. 

Lifetime Access to Course Modules

While the title of this course if "31 Days to Becoming a Better Photographer", you can take as long as you  like.

Master the Lightroom tips and tools that will bring your photos to life and save you tons of time!

Lifetime access to all the course modules

Lifetime access to the exclusive Facebook Group

se the presets the professionals use to create stunning images

3 Months access to mentoring from professional photographer Jim Hamel

Lifetime Course Modules Access

Our Best Photography Course

This is the last time we're running this course in this way. 

Jim Hamel

 Professional Photographer

About the Author...

Jim Hamel shows aspiring photographers simple, practical steps for improving their photos. Jim has written many popular articles for dPS and specialises in teaching photography. You can learn more about Jim at his personal website.

What you'll learn in this course...

Module 1 - Set Up your Camera to Reach its Full Potential

Module 2 - Take Control of the Exposure Process

Module 3 - Perfect Exposure with Proper Metering

Module 4 - Mastering ISO

Module 5 - Master Depth of Field

Module 6 - Use Shutter Speed to Keep Your Photos Sharp

Module 7 - Use Shutter Speed to Capture Motion Blur

Module 8 - How to Nail the Focus

Module 9 - Make your Images Tack Sharp

Module 10 - Eliminate Distractions

Module 11 - How to Use Flash Lighting

Module 12 - Control Your Flash Exposure

Module 13 - Finding the Best Locations

Module 14 - Find the Best Light

Module 15 - Simplifying Your Photo's Message

Module 16 - Following the Rule of Thirds

Module 17 - Concentrating on the Most Important Part of the Picture

Module 18 - Adding Balance To Your Photos

Module 19 - Leading the Viewer's Eye

Module 20 - Capture People

Module 21 - Working the Scene

Module 22 - Capturing the Decisive Moment

Module 23 - Control the Light

Module 24 - Use the Power of Local Adjustments

Module 25 - Adding Contrast (The Miracle Drug)

Module 26 - Avoid Blown Highlights and Black Shadows

Module 27 - Enhancing Your Color

Module 28 - Removing Color Casts

Module 29 - Working in Black and White

Module 30 - Eliminate Digital Noise

Module 31 - Making your Photos Sharper

What students are saying...

Student Photo: Tracy Staples

Photo by student Tracy Staples

Had a ball! Enjoyed the discipline of the assignments. Relished being pushed out of my comfort zone. And I liked the freedom of being able to revisit lessons (particularly those on using Lightroom and Photoshop). It's been interesting seeing other people's efforts as well.

~ Tracy Staples

Thank you so much for sharing all your expertise and Knowledge! I thoroughly enjoyed the 31 day Course and got an awful lot out of it! Thanks again!!

~ Dave M.

Thanks for sharing Jim ..... I am learning so much from your course, I find I am getting a good foundation of becoming a better photographer. At the end of the day, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Your pictures are beautiful!

~ Clair G.

So happy with all this and, above all, it is really great to have Jim to reach out to clear any doubts. So thanks a lot Jim, for the course's content and for your precious help.

~ Sophie T.

Thanks so much for this course. I have learn so much in all the modules. I'm sure I will be revisiting some until it all sinks in. I have loved all the feedback and encouragement from everyone here. Seeing all the work and progress everyone is making is inspiring and motivating me to keep working on my own shots. Now it will be some time for putting everything into practice. Good luck to everyone still working their way through their 31 days. I may peak in and see how you are all doing.

~ Flora V.

I am so happy I signed up for this course. It gets me out to shoot every day. If I don't get a lesson, I can go back and try it again until I get it right! I am starting to be happy with my results.

~ Renee S.

I have yet to complete every lesson but have learned SO much from everyone here and have loved all the pictures and variety! I plan to keep working the lessons to improve and continue taking pictures for my enjoyment Thanks to Jim for his excellent communication and teaching skills, and incredible photography!

~ Kathy W.

Would just like to say Jim how much I have enjoyed this course. I have taken the odd course before but I found your course, e.g. videos, so much easier to understand and have learned so much more. I will now go back and make notes and practice, practice, practice. Many thanks again Jim.

~ Elizabeth O.

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These are the 31 practical lessons that will get you out of Auto Mode

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This is the last time we're running this course in this way. Class starts on 31st July 2020

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